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Spirit Sat On the Recliner by Herself for Two Minutes!

Last night, one of my VCR/DVDs ate a tape. I couldn't get it out and I have three things to watch/record at 10pm tonight. Yes, I will buy discs and read the instructions on how to use the DVD parts of both machines. So when I got home today I pulled my old VCR out of my closet and hooked it up to use it tonight. I sat briefly in the recliner to make sure it would watch the low channels and I got up just as Spirit was coming up from her bed. She sat on the recliner by herself for two minutes! I sure hope that continues.

Today my fingers are not bad, but my right foot hurts like crazy. I went ahead and got the trash and recycling out and went a day late for the four-week labs. Usually it takes whoever is at the lab desk long enough to put in my labs that I go in and sit in the chair I don't fall off of. I went in today and there were way too many squalling babies. I went to sit in a separate area (no waiting area for the lab) and when both families came out, I went in.

I tried a new restaurant partly to see what their food was like and partly to see if it would be a good place for bookgroup. It's associated with another restaurant that is Backyard Bar and Grill and their ads show TVs all over so we would never go there. The Backyard Rotisserie had two TVs with only one on, but they were also playing very loud music. The server was standing across the table from me and I raised my voice and she couldn't hear me. We won't go there, either. They have the somewhat standard Salvadoran rotisserie and I had a 1/4 chicken with yuca instead of fries, plus a salad. It was very good, although I didn't manage to finish it. There were many other types of food, but most had to do with chicken.

Another great Tom Toles cartoon -- played Monopoly recently?
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