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Phone Calls

After I got offline last night I thought I'd finish the paper, watch "CSI," and then some of the shows I have recorded. However, a few minutes before eight I couldn't stay awake and Spirit and I slept in the recliner until just after eleven. (I'd had the machine watch "CSI" and the news.)

So while I played the news, I finished the rest of the paper, and then decided to watch two of the the recorded shows. I went to bed and finished a book and planned to go to sleep. That didn't work. So after an hour, I picked up the next book and started reading that. After an hour I was very sleepy; I put the book away and went to sleep about 7:30am.

Normally, I'll go weeks without my phone ringing, but I've had five phone calls today. The first was at 9:30am from the Kaiser imaging center to give me the info on where to get the bone scan and I expected that. The second, at 10:30am, was someone who said they worked for Dr. K/Cola and could they speak to Ben. I said I didn't know either of them and she asked if there was either a Ben or a Joesph here and I said no. I wondered if she was someone playing a game and missed the last name -- Cola, Ben, Jerry. The third, at 11:30am, was somebody representing the National Automotive Dealers Association and I just hung up. The fourth at 12:30pm was my psych, saying I should increase the Welbutrin I take five hours after the other two, and I expected his call, too. And then I got an automated call about 4:30pm from ServiceMagic who wanted to know how the maid service was going. I've told them before that it isn't because I had that big plumber bill this month.

I actually got up about 3:30pm and the cats got fed about 4pm. They thoght they should have the dry food at about 5pm, and I'm going to get it for them when I finish this post.
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