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Pain Today

So I still stayed in bed, but because I had so much pain. I didn't get up until almost 4pm so I'll just get groceries tomorrow. It's mostly cat stuff anyway.

I'm washing cat blankies today and otherwise yawning my head off.

Some of you probably heard about Brian Betts' murder and from what was in the media, I've always assumed he looked for a sex partner (I was thinking Craigslist, but it was a phone chatline) and the guy showed up and after being let in, killed Betts and stole things from him. A lot of print media mentioned that Betts was gay, but the WashPost's ombudsman said yesterday that the paper purposely didn't say so.

My first thought was that there's nothing wrong with being gay, so the Post should have printed that. Then I remembered that Betts only told close friends and school officials, so maybe he didn't want it known. I thought it right away, there must be other people who did.

What do you think? When the WashPost knew he was gay, and all the other local papers printed it, should they have included that in the articles?
Tags: cats, death, gay, health

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