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Asimov's July 2010

I usually read these one-month issues in two nights, but it took four nights this time. Some of it is probably my cold, but I think some of it is that I didn't really like anything very much. Usually I'm quite happy with stories from Robert Reed, Tom Purdom, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, but they didn't do it for me this time.

Sheila wrote about the story DVD that went to Mars and Silverberg talked about looking for other planets.

The most interesting thing in the magazine was that the Table of Contents was wrong. I've never seen that happen before. Usually I look at the page number for the con calendar, divide it in half, and then find the stories that stop/start as close to that as possible. Well, that half was 56, and there was a poem on 55, but.... there wasn't anything listed at 56. I paged through the magazine and found a story there that was listed with another page number on the ToC (that number was in the middle of another story). I changed it on my copy because it'll go to someone at bookgroup, prohably, but it was an interesting, if brief, mystery.
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