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The Second Day of Plumber

He's a nice guy, and after he pulled the toilet off yesterday, he found that the flange had only been glued to the concrete instead of bolted. The company didn't have the right blade for the saw he needed to cut what was still left of the old flange out, and they got it this morning, so now he's working again.

Spirit slept right through everything so far and Junie went down to the safe carrier in my closet. Poor Loki had been sitting on the halfwall between the kitchen and dining/office and he quickly slinked down to the kitchen counter. His eyes were big and he was shaking like crazy. I kept trying to make him calm down. He would peer up above the halfwall and then jerk back down. He's become calmer now.

It's going to hit my credit union account rather thoroughly, but I'll be okay as long as there aren't any other disasters and I don't buy books this month.
Tags: cats, plumber

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