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Waiting for the Plumber

They were supposed to be here about 30 minutes ago, so I'll wait a bit before I call dispatch. Over all the years I've been unsteady getting up from the toilet and it's become unsteady itself. It was set into concrete, so I'm not sure how they'll fix that.

I've always thought General Shalikashvili was a good guy and an excellent officer. Recently, though, he and another military leader said the big problem with obesity these days is men are too fat to be in the military.

I thought that was the silliest thing I'd heard from him and way out of character -- surely if people want to be in the military they'll meet the guidelines. And if enough people don't want to be in the military, then we won't have wars.

Well, in yesterday's Letters to the Editor, someone agreed with me.

And finally, this loveseat is exactly like mine, but mine is light green. I keep the pillows off because they're giant, just like it shows in the picture, and nobody can sit there. There's a sheet on mine, too, so visitors have a non-fur seat. When Loki sleeps on that loveseat, he stretches out from one arm to about six inches short of the other arm. He's a big boy!
Tags: cats, loveseat, military, obesity, plumber

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