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The city had three races today and two of them had the same number of candidates as positions, so I only voted on the School Board. There were five for three positions and two were easy to vote for (one standing; one teacher with Masters), one easy not to vote for (claims of good things are Knights of Columbus and Hibernians, etc.), but two where I had to choose one. One, a man, was only interested in sports, but the other, a woman, was a nurse. She had been a PTA officer, so in the end, she got the vote.

I'm a day behind laundry this week, so I'm going to do the cat blankies today. I just gave the cats the Science Diet and we'll see if it was that food or a virus tomorrow.

The BP CEO was quoted as repeatedly saying What did we do to deserve this? Maybe get oil under water? Maybe renting a platform without checking that it was built and updated properly?
Tags: cats, laundry, oil, vote

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