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Couldn't Read

I mailed a DVD today and went to get groceries (and didn't buy the second half because I didn't think I could walk that far, even with the cart) but when I came home, I couldn't make sense of email. This is one of those brain "events" so I slept with Spirit in the recliner for about three hours.

All the cats had solid poop today (and there's a lot of the Wellness all over the floor where they spit it out because they didn't like it) so tomorrow we go back to Science Diet and see if it's the food or was a virus.

Gene Robinson, gay Episcopal Bishop, wrote a letter to the Pope via the WashPost telling how the Episcopalians handled the church pedophilia problems, as well as disagreeing with the Pope's belief that all pedophiles are homosexuals.

Florida Republicans have put a formal picture of Governor Crist on eBay because they decided he's not worth the $7500 that was paid for it. I wonder if eBay has seen the item specifics; they don't usually allow that kind for actual people. Huh. Fifty-nine bids, up to $2,125.00. We could use that for BFAC.
Tags: cats, crist on ebay, health, pedophilia
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