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Remember when Virginia's new senator, Jim Webb, rebuffed Bush's questions about his son who's out in Iraq? His son is in one of the three brigades who are getting extended some months. Think Bush is this diabolical? Or just happenstance?

The condo management guy emailed back that they don't shovel snow unless there's two inches. I replied that the walks had been shoveled Sunday night, but not my parking space. He reiterated that it was two inches and thanked me for the info. Apparently I inadvertently got the shovelers in trouble.

It was warm enough today that the snow had melted on the parking lot so I moved the car to the other side of the road with the front facing south and got the ice off easily since the snow underneath had already melted. I tried three times to get the ice/snow off the roof by circling quickly -- on the way out and in on the culdesac and in an unused corner of the grocery parking lot, but it's still mostly there. Maybe I can get it off tomorrow.

Ever wanted to wear copies of the Beatles' clothes? You can get stitch-for-stitch copies.
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