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After I posted here yesterday, I went out to get the mail and my check was there, so I took that to the credit union this morning, mailed a DVD, and had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. It was their "lobster and steak" special, but of course, the "lobster" was crayfish. More than I usually pay for my weekly lunch out, but very good.

While I was out I saw two lawns full of buttercups. They were very cute, but the interesting part is that the lawn that had a lot more, had turf put down in the fall (new house on empty lot). I wonder what the new owners are saying to the builders. I also saw a beautiful purple clematis around a mailbox.

There was a mostly-wheelchaired protest today by disabled folk who think the health reform plan should have put more money in for in-home care.

You know it's spring in DC when you see more ducklings escorted by Smithsonian staff.
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