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KaBoom! oom oom oom mmmmm

I heard thunder that lasted more than a minute today. I don't think I've ever heard that before. When I headed out to mail a DVD and get groceries, the sky was gray, but there wasn't any rain. By the time I got to the grocery shopping center, the rain went crazy! I went to the BK and got a Whopper Junior with Cheese and no pickles. If I were driving on the street, I would have pulled off to be safe. Fortunately, I could see a parking spot and while I ate, the rain calmed down.

Still rainy when I went in to the grocery and a bit more coming out and on the way home. I got a little wet folding open the rolling cart and bringing kitty litter in, but I'll dry off. I had a long grocery list yesterday and I realized it would be easier for me and only about $5 more to have most of it brought by Peapod on Thursday, but they don't have the brand of kitty litter we use. And I had to get Junie's buspar.

The rain has stopped, but it's still wet out there.

Last year a couple made a documentary about how the county around my city made rigid immigration laws and they backfired. The couple has been asked to take the documentary to Arizona.

Someone burned a homeless man in Virginia.

(Okay, raining again)

The WashPost asked readers to recommend books for Obama to read. The most-recommended was Atlas Shrugged, but one of the other highlights is Asimov's Foundation Series.
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