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Flowers and Clipped Trees

The landscapers have really been going through the development and "fixing" things. I've heard from three owners so far who don't like what was done.

I took the library book (for which I took notes in bed) back to the library and asked a librarian to put it on a special shelf so our librarian/leader could pick it up, take care of my check out and get it checked out to whoever needs it next. Then I got gas and picked up a 6" wheat bread veggie sub. When I got home the cats thought they should eat then, too, but they had to wait for a bit more than an hour.

There was a crash in DC on Monday where all we were told was that the mother in one car was killed and her kids were all in the hospital. Yesterday, we found out about the other driver who had no fixed address, was on PCP (earlier arrests), didn't own the car, etc. It's almost as if he was planning to kill the woman in the other car.

An escort dancing in lingerie, okay, but an air marshal who puts his badge on, pulls out his gun, and rapes her? No.

Our Virginia governor is very conservative and has put even more rules on abortion and so forth. So yesterday we find out that his ex-brother-in-law was protesting in front of the Capitol pushing for a state law to provide protections for workers based on sexual orientation. I pretty much assumed the ex- was from divorce, which to some extent, it was. But she is also transgender, which probably really annoys the governor.
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