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Less Pain

Last night was less pain and less trouble moving around. Today I got up at 1pm, took the trash and recycling out, and then slept in the recliner with Spirit from 3-7pm. Since then I've pretty much been online. I had half the Edible Arrangements fruit bowl my neighbor gave me on Tuesday and it was very good. Also well thought-out; the pineapple was on the bottom.

My domain host, DreamHost, has put out a place where you can get or make or whatever children's ebooks to fit any reader without DRM.

A big deal Latin Mass is set for the Baslica in DC and originally Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos was going to lead it. But when members of SNAP found out, they pointed out how he had written a letter praising a bishop who didn't send a pedophile priest to the police. Now the man who set up the Mass talks about having to change the leader of the mass: "Now, he says, a more sinister force seems to be at work. "We've perceived things that are obviously the work of the devil," he noted darkly. "The disruption of this Mass by protesters, for example, is not something we invited."

The Virginia General Assembly has approved a law to teach gun safety in elementary schools. This is probably a good idea, considering how many guns get misused.
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