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Lots of Pain

I started having trouble getting up from chairs and walking last night and had a lot of pain, so when I woke up in pain partway through my sleeping, I took another pain pill and slept until 3pm. The cats are getting their dinner later because there's usually at least four hours between their breakfast and dinner.

A teacher was carjacked by one of her students and his uncle. They talked in her car until she was able to escape. The police caught the two carjackers.

Now that you can have guns in national parks, abiding by the state's law, there was a meeting in Virginia just across the river from DC. There were about 75 people with guns and more than that of journalists. Hammond, the guy who told people to throw bricks at offices, talked to someone else about Obama: Hammond, who said he flew in from California, told another demonstrator he believes that President Obama is the antichrist.

"If he's not the antichrist, he's pretty close," the second man concurred.

"We're definitely in the end times," Hammond continued. "The rapture, in my opinion, has to be sometime this fall."

The federal government is going to try to get Americans to reduce salt over 10 years and is starting with manufacturers. Pepsico has developed a new shape for salt crystals that they hope will bring the salt down 25% in Lay's Potato Chips.
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