Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

Assorted Stuff

The WashPost KidsPost asked kids for new words and one of them suggested "bleen." Just a bit behind the times.

Julie Phillips' Tiptree biography is a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle prize.

I canceled my visual fields appt for today last night when the snow reached two inches and the freezing rain started. The ramp & sidewalks are clear, but there's still frozen snow on the striped area next to my van. I emailed management to ask them to put the curbcuts & striped areas back on the snow contract, and made another VS appt.

(The TV news just said an elderly man suffered hyperthermia after being left on a bus overnight. I bet the prompter was right and the anchor read it wrong.)

The Giant has 12-packs of ramen on sale for $1, and I'm going to buy some of those. I think that will help with the quick-cooking/low-protein problem.

The cats know it's time for dry food. They're ganging up on me.
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