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Slept Enough

Not only did I sleep until 2am, I didn't have to spend so much time in the bathroom. I mailed a letter and got groceries today and have been home since. I need to take a chair into the kitchen so I can put the 24 cans of catfood in the bottom cabinet. I can reach down there to get them, but it's hard to stack them up without sitting.

Parade Magazine answered a question about Avatar's art with a quote from Bob Eggleton. (Down near the bottom, picture of Cameron)

The WashPost had a column yesterday that included some poll information on the tea partiers: A CBS News/New York Times poll released on Tax Day found that Tea Party activists are wealthier than average (20 percent of their households earn more than $100,000, compared with 14 percent of the general population) and better educated (37 percent have college or postgraduate degrees vs. 25 percent of Americans ).

This is in line with a USA Today/Gallup poll last month that found 55 percent of Tea Party supporters had incomes of $50,000 or more (compared with 50 percent in the general population), and only 19 percent had earnings below $30,000 (vs. 25 percent overall).

The wealth advantage of the Tea Partiers helps to explain the rather un-populist message emanating from Freedom Plaza: Tax the wealthy less and the poor more.
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