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Getting a Cold

I've been having my nose running a bit and some dry coughs, but now I have a sore throat and a productive cough, so I think that's a sign of a cold. I got up really late today because I didn't feel very well and the only other thing I've done so far is the html for Sunday's BFAC auctions.

The tea partiers are taking over the Mall.

The WashPost has cleaned this up -- I have a headline that I cut out of the paper version last night and it says "Woman attacked by King Street Station." I was sure they meant "attacked near and indeed they've changed it to that online. I'm not minimizing the crime, just finding the original headline weird. And why do attacking guys use box cutters?

You're not going to believe this -- Nebraska has enacted two more laws about abortion. One bars abortion at and after 20 weeks and the other requires women to be screened for mental health.
Tags: abortion, health, politics

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