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Rain Removes Pollen

Not only are car windows clean, but people who are allergic breathe better.

After I posted last night, Spirit and I slept an hour and a half in the recliner. She started out under the duvet and ended up on top. I came back and read LJ and ML then, and did my required computer games. I managed to sleep completely through the night with Loki and Junie there for the start and finish. I think both were up once in the middle.

The van is still up at the shop, and I went googling today to see what options I have if it doesn't pass emissions inspection. Two years from now, it won't be required to get an inspection; it will be antique then. So if they can get it to pass this year and I register for two years, I'm okay. But if they can't get it to pass, I pay $725 to a certified emissions worker (I can't remember if the shop has that poster), and get a two-year waiver, which will also make it antique. So at the worst, I have to pay $725, which is a lot better than trying to find money for a new car.

The kitties are all sound asleep out here and I hope to be offline earlier than usual.

Yesterday's WashPost Letters to the Editors had an unusual letter from someone claiming that Lincoln is the bad guy for killing too many people when he didn't let the South go. The final paragraph says The Confederate States of America would be another Canada. It would also absorb much of the problem of illegal drugs and immigration. And a lot of the political anger we witness would be defused.

Hard to believe, but a federal judge had to rule that a Mississippi county school board must stop segregating students.

A columnist reported on a pharmacy that didn't carry Plan B or condoms, etc., and it just had to close. Having a K-Mart across the street probably helped.

The WashPost got four Pulitzers and one is a story about whether leaving a child in a car is a crime.
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