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Bad Junie

I think it may be because Loki never came to sleep with us last night -- usually he's in at least by the time I put the book away -- but Junie kept waking me up every hour or so. I actually got to sleep between 7am and 11am and although I'd had the extra sleep yesterday, I was still loony while I put the auctions up. Then Spirit and I slept in the recliner for a couple of hours. The laundry is going on, including the bed linens.

A WashPost columnist compared tea partiers to George Wallace's push for president a couple weeks ago and in yesterday's column, he shared some of the emails and comments he got and went on to compare them again: "It so happens George Wallace and his crowd of angry followers got there first. Not to worry. Enlistees in today's Tea Party, full of resentment, burdened by fears and wallowing in self-pity, are worthy successors."
Tags: cats, laundry, politics, sleep

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