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Too Hot, Too Sleepy

When I went to bed last night, Spirit went over to Junie's box and looked in for quite a while. I was waiting for her to jump in, but maybe she'll do that tonight.

It's in the mid-80s today, so I'm glad to be home, but I'm likely to nap again soon. I woke up four times between 9am and 10am -- there were just a lot of noises. I called the car repair place to set up getting the emissions checked and the rough running, and they don't have time until Monday, which is still plenty of time to deal with whatever happens with the emissions.

The West Virginia mine which had an explosion with 25 dead and four missing has had $1.89 million in fines since 2005.

Our Republican governor has declared Confederate History Month.

DC had a law that if people didn't use reusable bags, they had to pay five cents for each non-reusable bag. The amount of money that's come in for the first month is less than expected, which means the change to reusable bags is working well.

A guy who was fined by DC for fraudulent fundraising has been hired by the RNC to fundraise.
Tags: car, cats, mine, politics, sleep, weather

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