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Slow Day

Not much today, although both last night's and today's first BP measurements are much lower than before. My feet don't hurt yet, either.

A couple of things that happened earlier this week:

1. I had a Peapod delivery on Thursday and they want you to look through it later so the guy can get back on the road. One of the first things I saw was something I didn't order and there ended up three things I didn't order: nectarines, ribeye steak, and a giant box of "Spring Mix" greens. And then I found that I didn't have four of the things I did order: Pepperidge Farm lemon cookies, two cans of chicken broth, Tucks, and TP. So I called them and we worked out that they would deliver those items next week and I should keep and use the others.

2. I was on a main state highway yesterday when I had to move to the left lane a bit. A boy was skateboarding on the right lane. I had to stop for a light and I looked in my rear-view mirror; he was out on the line between the two lanes. If I thought the police could have gotten there before he moved on, I would have called 911. He could kill people like that!
Tags: health, peapod, skateboard
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