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Changing Meds

The renal nurse called at 8:30am and told me they'd put in another BP med and I should pick it up. When I got up and took meds, I skipped the one I had. I ate at Captain D's, but didn't finish, it just bothered me, but one of our bookgroup members was there again. He worked for Cinta for a while but they laid him off. He went back to Captain D's, but he needs a job that pays better in order to live.

I went on to the transfer station and put cardboard in the big dumpster and then to Kaiser. There was a long line for the pharmacy, out blocking the hallway, and I did what they tell me to do -- went up to the counter and get my med. I hate that, it makes the other people give me bad looks, but I really can't stand up that long. The new med is atenolol, which I used to give to Smudge for his heart murmur. It helped him live longer. I hope it helps make my pitting edema go away.

When I got home I was just so sleepy that I took the atenolol, read email, and then napped with Spirit on the recliner for 2.5 hours. She spent the beginning of it under the duvet, but when I woke up, she was on top of it, between my legs.
Tags: cats, errands, food, meds, sleep

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