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Reynaud's Syndrome

I couldn't get my feet into my shoes today, so I wore my slippers to see the rheumatologist (people wear flipflops to drive...). She agreed that my feet have massive edema and told me it was probably from the BP med that nephrology prescribed for me on 2/19. (lizzibabe, remember how I had to leave Panera early a day later?) I've emailed the nephrologist and we'll see if she wants to change the med or dose, or see me.

The rheumatologist also definitely diagnosed me with Reynaud's Disease, which she'd been thinking about for a while. My fingernails were purple in her exam room today and she decided that the "electrical" feeling in my thumb was the final step. I also get to stop one of the stroke meds.

I yawned my way home and after sitting in the recliner for a few minutes, just got the pillow and duvet and Spirit and I slept until 6:30pm. She would have liked to sleep longer.

Michael Steele, the RNC chairman, came into the job when their money was $22 million. The party raised $96 million since then, but the current amount is $10 million. How'd that happen? He used very expensive items for himself.

Do you know what you're eating? FDA says there's a lot of fraud out there, but they don't have time to check everything.

And to go along with the sleep apnea discussion, here's the way to determine if something is a disability and I think it shows that for most people, at least, it's not a disability.
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