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Still Rain and Wind

It's mostly stopped by now and we're supposed to be much warmer tomorrow through next week. Last night while I was reading in the recliner, there was a continuing weird noise outside -- like hail on cars. Spirit and Loki and I all looked at the sliding glass doors (Junie was on the bed) and when I went to open the shades, it went away and never came back.

We had a trail of ants coming in through the kitchen window area last night and I moved the big kitties dish and put down an ant bait. Big rain makes them want to come inside.

I got up late again today, but I have to be up at noon tomorrow because I see the rheumatologist at 2:30pm. I'm just doing laundry now.

The WashPost Peeps Show is online today.

There's a new PAC out to work against anybody running as a tea party candidate. I like the idea, but the name, Patriot Majority PAC feels a bit flag-wearing. (at the bottom of the column)

An RNC staffer has been fired because she asked for a major donor to be reimbursed for his paying for the big after-party (her credit card was rejected) at a bondage club. The dinner and after-party were both organized by that staffer and she had been previously counseled that those types of activities were not reimbursable.
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