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I'm yawning like crazy and I was in bed longer than I planned. I realized I could finish the book if I read an hour extra so I set the alarm for 1pm. When it went off, I was still tired because I kept waking up with wet patches on the bed where my ankles had been. So I slept until 2:45pm. And now I'm yawning again.

I got money, mailed a DVD, and got groceries. I've started washing the cat blankies.

A retired major general got an Army contract on the basis of three special traits: veteran, black, and disabled. The disability? Sleep apnea. When people found that out and started talking about it, he gave the ~$100 million back. All the people I know use CPAP machines and actually work better because they get sleep. I know there are people who don't, but how do you manage a big contract that way? He was nominated by Obama to be the head of TSA and has backed out because of the "service disabled veteran" bit.
Tags: disability, errands, health, housework, sleep

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