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Allegro Non Proppo

This is from 1977 and not rated. The blurb on the packet says there's animation to six classic pieces of music and in between are comic live action.

First, the animation is fairly minimal, but usually does seem to follow the music. There's a fair amount of full frontal nudity, which is probably not such a big deal for animates.

But the "comic live action" was not. It was tape of a female orchestra in about the 1910s, by dress, and over that were four people acting for the movie. So most of the action wasn't live and it certainly wasn't funny. It was so unfunny that I fast-forwarded through those bits.

It was Italian, and while I was watching English subtitles, I assume that the real actors used Italian and that the orchestra members were dubbed in Italian.

I can't recommend this.
Tags: dvd

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