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Windy and Rainy

We're back to cold and rain and wind. It might get to 70 by the end of the week, but the 50s before that.

Last night I managed to turn out the light at 4am and slept a bit but woke up at 6am, which is when I can take acetaminophen, so I did. My stomach was rumbling, too, so I came out and made toast with cheese. Spirit sat on my lap while I ate and I gave her a couple of narrow pieces I cut for her. I went back to bed and got up about 1:45pm, which is much better than yesterday.

The Virginia Board of Corrections is keeping their non-descrimination policy even though our AG is upset again.

Yesterday's WashPost had an article on modern vs. traditional homes and the illo has a very modern home. He talks about why people like traditional houses -- they's traditional. Well, when we transferred to NoVA, I was shocked. Those all-brick two-story flat-face houses and offices and so forth seemed scary, as if they were looming over us and didn't want us to be near them.

Back in the places we lived near Seattle, "traditional" was one-story, maybe some brick on the front, but mostly siding. It was much friendlier.
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