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Shifted Sleeping

I slept three hours between making my post yesterday and coming back to read. The reading and occasional posting took two hours, and then I read the WashPost. That meant I got to the bed to read about 3:30am and read until 7am. I didn't set the alarm and woke up at 4pm. I don't have to put auctions up tomorrow (we're taking the week off), but I should probably work on getting back to my normal schedule.

I'm doing laundry and need to put dishes in the dishwasher because I think I have enough to make it full and run it.

We had enthusiastic road rage yesterday during rush hour (about 30mph) on I95 -- a Jaguar wouldn't let a dump truck merge onto the interstate and the dump truck banged into the side of the Jaguar. There was more of that and then the dump truck trapped the Jaguar against the jersey barriers. The Jaguar driver got out and shot at the dump truck; he had his two-year-old daughter in his car in the car seat. Crazy people.
Tags: housework, road rage, sleep

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