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The VA AG and More

LJ was down for a bit, I wondered if it would come up.

It turns out that our Attorney General, who is suing Congress about the Health Reform Bill, has been active in tea parties.

In answer to his actions, a letter to the WashPost editors (which ended up in Local Opinion, on the same page as the Post editorials) compares Virginia's current massive resistance to when we closed schools instead of integrating them.

In the WashPost Science and Health section this week, there was a link to a test that determines what sex you are. I did it today and at the end they have three (ranges) with a 0 in the middle and men to the right and women to the left. Both the men and women go up to 100, but they both show the average is 50. Me? I was 0. Exactly neither. Or maybe both.

Today I took the city papers to City Hall and got them notarized and dropped them off at the revenue office. I've been doing laundry, but hope to get to the recliner soon because my feet hurt a lot (still swollen). My finger joints hurt, too. I can take more narcotics in four hours.
Tags: gender, pain, paperwork, politics, sex, virginia

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