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Sky High

That's a pun of a title -- Will's parents (The Commander and Jetstream) frequently work in the sky, and the name of the high school for the kids of superheros is Sky High. Will takes the bus with his best friend on his first day as a freshman and is terrified, like all the freshmen, when the bus goes off a cliff and starts to fly.

Everybody is in awe of Will because his parents are the best in the world, but Will knows he doesn't have any powers. The school nurse tells him that sometimes when two superheros have children, their children don't have powers.

He hangs out with the Sidekicks (vs. the Heros) which include his best friend, Layla. There comes a point where one of the Heros makes him trip and spill his lunch try on Warren Peace, who hates Will because The Commander put his dad in jail. Warren, whose power is making and throwing fire, tries to kill Will but he finds out that he has super strength. He later finds he can fly.

A senior girl, Gwen, sucks up to him and gets him to spend the evening with her when he already had arrangements to meet Layla for dinner. Confusion starts and isn't finished until after prom.

This was a good movie -- sure, it said specifically that everybody is a Hero, but it was well written and acted.
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