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Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones Written by Phil and Kaja Foglio ...

...and Colored by Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright

Girl Genius #8

This month's bookgroup was delayed from December because nobody could get out from their houses. We each took a Hugo-winning novel to read and then present. I've read all the Hugo novels except three (I just couldn't get into them) so I picked Agatha.

Girl Genius is online and new on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When there's enough for another book, they'll put one together. There's a lot of related merchandise, too -- I wore three pins (Krosp, Chibi Agatha, and winged trilobite) and used my Agatha Coffee tote.

At this point in the story, Agatha, who thinks she is the last Heterodyne spark (someone with extra powers), has to be verified by the family castle. She manages to get in and then finds that parts of the castle are crazy while some are sane and they don't necessarily connect. A sane part has her take some scary and rigorous exercises and then leads her to the Chapel of Bones. The bones are from other people who said they were The Heterodyne.

Agatha is cleared, she is indeed the last Heterodyne, and she tries to get parts of the castle to work together. Online has continued since then. I asked our librarian/leader to get me some specific graphic novels so I could show the group that just because there's pictures, graphic novels aren't necessarily for children.

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