Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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I heard some little bird noises earlier and went to look on my porch -- a bird (can't see which yet) is building a nest on the top of the light.

When I got the mail on the way home last night and again when I stopped in my parking spot, I heard sort of a hissing sound from in front of me. I couldn't figure out what it might be and thought I'd probably have to go see the auto guys today. Fortunately, I figured it out at 2:30am when I was getting ready to read -- I had pushed the circulating button on the CD player twice, which took it past Off and to Radio. I don't have anything set on the radio, so it was hissing. I'm glad one of teh guys didn't tell me that!

I've figured out how to open bottles with turn & push down. I'd been holding the bottle with my left hand around it and pushing and turning with my right hand. I accidently held a bottle in my left palm with fingers curled up and right hand pushing and turning, and it works great!

When I tossed snackies out this morning, Loki was trying to get one that was under Junie's box. He got his head under and was moving his paw to get it when Junie grabbed it and ate it. He moved toward her and she smacked him.

I started the 24-hour urine so even though I'm sleepy, I need to try to get to sleep at the normal time so I can get up and take it back.

I took trash and recycling out and realized I really needed gas. I drove past the wonderful ice cream shop and they're open! I went on to get gas ($2.80/gal for regular) and got a small vanilla cone coming back. There were two people there with dogs and the dogs argued between eating their dog ice cream. Then I drove the census to the post office and dropped it in the drive-by box.
Tags: bird, bottles, cd, errands, health, ice cream, kitties, radio, sleep

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