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Not Feeling Much Better

I've been tracking my BP because the nephrologist's nurse practitioner wants two weeks worth. I'll add to Monday's email that I'm having trouble eating, in pain, swelling, weakness, etc., all of which were the symptoms for the second renal failure. The labs I did last week don't look for that, so I'll see if she'll order the other lab.

A quiet very wet day -- laundry is running and Spirit is in her bed, Junie is up asleep on the crenellations, and Loki is sprawled on the bed. I was going to do taxes tonight, but I might join him soon. The form from the city came with the value of the condo -- $93,100 -- which is more than they're being sold for, and less than my refinanced mortgage.
Tags: cats, condo, health, housework, taxes

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