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Virginia Politics, Canadian Food, Accessibility

Leave it to a Virginian delegate to say we don't need to apologize for slavery and then say he wonders if Jews should apologize for killing Christ.

Today's WashPost Food section is about pork bellies, haggis, and Canadian food. A lot of the Canadian food isn't that odd, but I wonder about tuna-potato gelatin mold. There's even a recipe for poutine.

I had to go to Kaiser to pick up an antibiotic and ahead of me in the line was a guy using a sip-n-puff wheelchair. When it was his turn, one of the women at one of the windows started yelling about how it was the next person's turn and they should really hurry up or she might not serve them. I raised my voice and said back "There's not enough room to turn a wheelchair at the end of the line" and she just said "okay." I moved one of the stanchions and he got turned around and I put the stanchion back. He probably could have turned with a half-dozen back-and-forths, turning a bit every time, but she should have leaned out over the counter before she yelled.
Tags: food, politics

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