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More Sleep

I decided not to set the alarm and woke up at 3pm. I got the trash and recycling out and since I felt really tired, I got some Popeye's for dinner. I was just in the bedroom changing shoes for slippers and Loki came in. I rolled over on the bed and he moved beside me. I pulled him close and kissed and hugged him (because I want him to let me cut his claws someday and letting me hold him tight is a start) and when I let loose, he stayed for about five more minutes.

I'm doing laundry and set up the next set of pills for both Spirit (cut pills into four parts) and Junie (snap pills in half and put in pill pockets) which makes me tired, too. There's only one show I want to watch tonight, CSI, so maybe I'll just tape that.

In today's WashPost, Michael Dirda wrote an excellent and knowledgable review of Connie Willis' Blackout. It helps to have an SFF fan review books. Dirda used to be the head of the WashPost's Bookworld, but now that they don't have a Bookworld (just review through the week), he's just a regular reviewer.

Remember my post that contained directions to the company that was making the paste/powder that had salmonella? Well, they already knew that. You should read the description of the plant!

Ex-representative Eric Massa has readily admitted to so many things that I wonder if he's quite sane. The Republicans think that Democratic leaders already knew too much and called for an investigation. But Massa made even Glenn Beck nervous.

The wife and daughter of Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, were in a serious car accident this afternoon and while it wasn't life-threatening, they'll be in care a long time.
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