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Lunch With Most of My Brother's Family

I not only had to get up a couple hours early, I didn't sleep well. It's a good thing that when Junie hears the alarm, she wakes me up -- I had the bad ear up. Dixie Bones has a new brick facade and a catering truck was on one of the handicapped spots and too close to the other, but there were regular spots close enough. The restaurant is in the parking lot of a very old and cheap shopping center, but the people who came in were almost all businessfolk.

My brother, his wife, and their daughter came; their son is living with his girlfriend's family because he's mad at his folks. I renewed my belief that my sister-in-law is not very bright (my brother always dated or married women who were very submissive or not very bright) in that I had to keep explaining things to her. They brought me a present -- a neck warmer -- that has clearly been worn quite a bit and not washed. I think I'll wash it and take it to the charity the next time I go.

Their daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich, I had the Giant Stuffed Potato with pulled pork and brought about half of it home, and my brother and his wife shared a meatless Giant Potato and a pulled chicken plate.

I was really close to sleeping on the way home so as soon as I got here, I swapped shoes for slippers and Spirit and I slept for 2.5 hours. We woke up because a pharmacist who is going through my meds had some questions. Kaiser has asked me to write up a form with my meds and show that I know what they're for and how to use them before, and the letter with this one made it seem rather required (or see a pharmacist in person), so I attached a copy of the pink paper with diagnoses, insurance info, and meds and sent it off. Even I can't read my handwriting after a few days. So the pharmacist had several questions and there would have been fewer if he'd asked if I had a nephrologist. I mentioned her and then he was completely comfortable with the meds and labs.
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