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Or at least warmer than it's been for a while. In the 50s today and expected for that all week except there might be more snow next weekend.

The former Chief Operating Officer of Catholic Charities has asked them to back off the decision to stop giving spouses benefits. He gives some good reasons to help people.

Here in Virginia, the Attorney General is asking all colleges to get rid of their protection rules for gays. He says the General Assembly is the only group that can protect gays and we know they won't do that.

Also in Virginia, the House is trying to change how they give money to schools. The traditional way is to use the number of kids who have free or partially free lunches and give the money that way. But this year, the House has decided it should go to schools marked by daily average number of students. In VA, that means ...stealing from the poor zip codes to give to the rich.

Ezra Klein points out that Wellpoint would be the primary beneficiary if the health reform bill fails. They are already in the marginal markets and would be able to stay there -- hurting people -- if the reform fails.

This is the first time I've skimmed a WashPost book review where the reviewer thinks the book is absolutely horrible.

Finally, salmonella has been spread through a lot of products by a paste/powder that brings in flavor. Some products were out to consumers before they could be recalled. You can check the products here.
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