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Bad Staple

My cellphone rang while I was in the recliner with the robe on this afternoon -- I can't put the phone in the robe pocket because the pocket is too small and the phone falls into the recliner -- when the phone rang. I had Spirit on my lap and eight minutes to go until I could take my blood pressure so I decided to stay and read it later. It was a message from my brother offering for them to come up next week and take me out for lunch. I'm going to recommend Dixie Bones partly because they're a lot closer to where they'll come into the county, and partly because they have great food.

I mailed some things today and used one of the restaurant birthday printouts for lunch. I've noticed all day so far that Spirit now likes the bed -- I have it turned so the lower opening is toward the recliner which gives her a walkway on the recliner side to the litterbox and the food and drink, plus room for eating & drinking at the front of the end table. She's been sleeping a lot and when Junie came down from the castle (a screwdriver is kept in the same closet as their dry food), Spirit sat up and looked like she felt secure. That screwdriver was to get a stuck staple out of the stapler. I'd printed my free Annual Credit Reports from all agencies. All perfect, thank goodness, except I have too much debt. I already knew that. I had to staple the many pages of each report and the third staple stuck.

Today is the day that I became unconscious and the lower-level doctors actually believed I had a stroke and handed me off to a better doctor who would have known it when it started on the 1st. I was unconscious for a few days and then woke up and was increasingly more competent until they let me come home after 26 days.
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