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Blue Skies

Not only did we have blue skies today, we're due for temperatures in the 50s for the weekend!

I've been working on the BFAC auctions for Sunday and doing laundry. I gathered up all the papers I needed to do my taxes. The city papers (to exempt me from paying tax on the condo) don't require a copy of my taxes this year, but they do say they may ask for them, so I might as well do them first.

Last night, after the two big kitties went to the bed, I put Spirit's bed next to the end table. She looked at it, put her front feet in, got back out, put her front feet in, kneaded the bed, got in and sat with a happy face, and finally curled up and slept. When I moved to the recliner, I took the towel out and put the bed under the end table. She's not sure about that and I think we may have to work on that because it's hard to find room for food and water. The bed will fit both directions, but then where does the little indented bit face? We'll be working on this for a few days, I expect, but she definitely likes it -- she's curled up asleep in it now.

The TV is running a crawl across the top -- there were three people shot at the Pentagon Metro Station. Two have been taken to the hospital and the station has been shut down.
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