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No Snow, After All

Just rain, although very cold and hard rain. We may still have some snow tonight, but it's not expected to stick. I took the trash and recycling out and came home to find the box with Junie's pill pockets and Spirit's bed outside the door. I tried to interest Spirit in the bed, but she didn't like it. I was petting her and telling her how nice it was when I realized she had a claw hole between her nose & mouth. Careful petting revealed three more claw holes on her chest. Junie must have gotten her while I was gone. I'll try to get Spirit to like the bed when she sits in the recliner with me.

Last night I taped and then watched Parenthood and the only part of it that I really liked was a point where Craig T. Nelson's character learned something bad and his face aged 20 years in a second. Good acting. It reminded me of Modern Family and when I read the review of Parenthood in the paper later last night, the reviewer agreed.

For those of you who like physics studies on superheros: Podcast on February 20.

The Catholic Charities has figured out how they're going to handle the new DC law that requires equal health benefits for all spouses: they're not going to give their employees health benefits. I wonder if they'll raise their wages proportionately.

Same-sex couples in DC are signing up for marriage licenses today! Lots of people signed up; lots of people protested.

At the University of Texas, San Antonio, an atheist group is giving people porn when they turn in bibles or other religious texts. It's called Smut for Smut. (second segment)

Virginia has passed a bill that lets people with concealed guns enter places that sell alcohol as long as they don't drink. The previous law required open carry in places that sell alcohol -- after all, how do we know who has a gun and is drinking? (second segment)

And finally, there's now an iPhone app that says it clears acne.
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