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I want to try and do some more beading (my hands are changing so it's hard to hold a needle, so I'm working on more important pieces) and I needed to print a picture to work from. It kept coming out in blues and purples. It took me two printings to realize that the yellow wasn't working. I'd just put it in a few weeks ago and hadn't printed anything in color so far. I took the yellow out and checked it and shook it a bit and put it back in, but no change. So I got a new yellow, put it in, and finally, it worked!

I've washed the sheets today and had the hockey game on while I was online. Another quiet Sunday here.

Not so quiet in the Lewes, Delaware area. A well-liked pediatrician who molested more than 100 patients, all but one girls (so far, they're still going through the recordings), is in jail. In some ways, the worst part for the parents is that many of the assaults happened while they were in the room. Earl Bradley would put the sheet over the patient, raise it to "check" her, and place a pen or cellphone camera where it could record what he was doing.
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