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Book for Book

When I went out to take Read My Pins to the library, I found my van blocked in by a pickup truck full of garbage bags. I looked around and a condo that has been empty for a couple of years had some guys carrying stuff in, in garbage bags. I'm probably being prejudiced here, but the last time we had someone move in like that, they had a lot of police and money problems until they were evicted.

I picked up a new book at the library and when I got home, I measured the end table to buy Spirit a bed and then ordered one from PetSmart. I also ordered a bit more pill pockets than Junie will need for her six months of meds. I had shred on my list, too, so I got two boxes of shreds out of that. I'll go to the transfer station next Wednesday to get rid of those, plus my accumulated boxes and other small cardboard.

We had a substitute mail person today and I watched her go back and forth a few times and when she hadn't crossed my view for a while, I got Luke's and my mail.

I'm sure you've heard of the Tea Party -- a conservative group of people who think they're the ones who know everything -- and now there's a Coffee Party. What the two parties want is not that different except in the direction, and that the Coffee Party is in more states.

The Earth is being calamitous today: an 8.8 earthquake in Chile (current death toll 214, but expected to rise much more) is sending a tsunami all over the Pacific, including the US. No deaths yet, but you never know. Hawaii is expected to get the largest waves since 1964.
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