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Less Swollen

I went to bed at 8pm and got up briefly at 11pm and then back to bed. This morning, when I pushed down on the top of my feet, I could feel the bones on the right foot and feel the left bones on the left foot.

I got the trash and recycling out and plan to stay in, just in case. The current forecast is that we'll have just a dusting tomorrow, but the winds will be strong enough to drop many trees and power lines. Our lines are underground, and most of our trees are too far from the buildings to hit, but it would still be very windy. The forecaster who gave us that is leaving his channel after 31 years. NBC asked him to take a cut in pay and he gave notice. He's likely to get a job at the ABC channel and I may try watching the news there. He's the only real reason I watch the NBC station these days. The NBC station had already fired two of my favorite people there and the sportscaster left because they fired some of his staff.

The WashPost has a Health & Science section on Tuesdays and always has a summary of a Consumer Reports article. This week it was on machines that say they make you more fit. They had people who tried the machines and people who tried the machines as well as regular treadmills and pushups and such. Out of the eight machines, only three were better than regular calisthenics and they were priced at $2,500, $30, and $60. Quite a difference.
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