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Still Swollen

Swollen feet and ankles plus a big big headache. I'm going to be skimming today.

I did get my labs done today and hope to get the trash and recycling out tomorrow.

I turned the local NBC news on last night just before it was supposed to start but the Olympics were running late. They had the ice dancing couples up on the dais and it was the Canadians who won. When their anthem was played, they sang along for the whole thing. I don't think I've ever seen/heard an American sing our anthem.

And I realized that lots of people who want to go fast in their sports wear skintight clothes while snowboarders wear oversize plaid hoodies. They have to go fast, too, to get the height for tricks, so I wonder what benefit the skintight clothes are.

I give you an entire letter to the editor with an excellent point because it's short:

The Feb. 16 news story "Hormone offers hope for autism" reported that the hormone in question, oxytocin, "plays a key role in social interaction" and "heightens social sensitivity, social awareness, generosity and trust in people."

How soon can we start administering it to members of Congress?

Al Veerhoff, Kensington
Tags: health, olympics, politics

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