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We had bookgroup today and most of us went to the Barnes and Noble for the White & Lamplighter appearence afterwards. There was a table of their books up front by the doors, but nothing that looked like an "appearance" I asked a clerk about it and he said they weren't there yet and when they were, they'd set it up. What actually happened was that when they arrived, they stood behind the book table and talked and signed, even though a staff member brought two folding chairs. I guess I'm just used to more attention toward special guests.

One of our members brought me a chair while the others talked or looked around. There was a half-dozen folk who were not part of the bookgroup while we were there, and they had more time after we headed down the shopping center (I drove to another handicapped spot) to Panera. I really liked the horseradish in the Asiago sandwich. We were all together in one area, but the restaurant was so noisy that we frequently could only talk to the few around us.

I'm not only really sleepy now but I hurt a lot from sitting up straight and standing for so long. I'm going to try to keep going and finish up online, but I have three book reviews to write next and I may just nap after that.
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