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Lots of Mail

We didn't get any mail on Tuesday (I'm guessing the ice was too much for our driver) but a neighbor emailed me last night that he'd come by at about 6:30pm, so I went to get mine today. Good thing I keep a bag in the van! Most of it went directly into the mixed paper recycling bin, but I got my new handicapped tag and I'll put that up tomorrow.

The temps are about 40 in the days and there's a fair amount of sun, so the snow on the ground is down to about a foot. The snow mountains will take much longer to melt.

Bookgroup is Saturday and our librarian/leader/fan asked if we'd be willing to stop by the Barnes & Noble to see John C. Wright and L.Jagi Lamplighter. I asked if they were going to read because I'd rather have dinner then (what we usually do after bookgroup), and she said we'd just stop in and her husband & son can tell him how much they like his books. I'll keep my mouth shut about politics.

I mentioned a while back that the Catholic diocese of DC threatened to stop managing DC programs if DC passed the same-sex marriage law. The law isn't completely definite yet -- it's got two more weeks to be foiled by Congress -- but the diocese has handed over the foster care program to another charity and nobody noticed. Guess it's not such a problem after all -- the foster care program is being run and the diocese isn't making that money any more.

We still have enough snow on roads that cars get stuck and on Monday, a nice guy was helping push a disabled car out of the snow. A car behind the cars waiting pulled out and zoomed through and hit the nice guy on his legs and when he was arrested said "I did not know what they were doing. This guy was waving at me. He started walking toward me. For whatever reason, they didn't want me to leave." That makes me think that either he's lying or he shouldn't be driving.

The WashPost had an editoral yesterday again about our new governor. His proposal to pay for transportation funds by selling off state-run liquor stores was defeated because the stores bring in about $100 million a year and we wouldn't get that much in one year if we sold them.
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