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Some Snow

When I got out here, there was a lot more melting than yesterday, but the snow started about 2pm. It just stopped leaving only a true dusting. It's supposed to stop and start through the night, though, so I don't know how much we'll end up with.

A column on how much the snow's cost the DC area includes:

«   »
Bottom line: The cost of clearing snow in the region is measured in the tens of millions of dollars per year. The loss of economic activity that results from snow shutdowns runs in the hundreds of millions of dollars per day.

For instance, the state budget to clear snow in Northern Virginia each winter is $27 million. With this year's record snowfall, the cost so far is $67 million.

By contrast, the Office of Personnel Management estimates that shutting just the federal government for one day costs $100 million. Snow shut it for four days this past week.

An interesting article on the current status of the food in DC schools is written by a foodie blogger. The "new better" food that he sees in the kitchen of a school is not that much better than before.

I always skim the engagement and wedding announcement pages -- sometimes people look so unlikely to be married, and I always think the pictures of only the brides are mean. Yesterday, I skimmed "Kerri Strug & Robert Fischer" and went on and then thought "that Kerri Strug"? Yes, the Olympian from 1996. Apparently she's working here in the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. (No link, the WashPost doesn't put the ads from the paper version on the online version.)
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