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Marilee J. Layman

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07:43 pm: No Mucho Melting
The weatherguy said there would be mucho melting today, but there wasn't. It was 39F and very sunny, but I guess there was just too much and it was too cold. The roads had snow mountains on the sides, but no water on the streets.

I planned to go out to drop the DVD at the post office since I don't expect to get out tomorrow, but when I thought about it, I ended up getting money at the ATM and then going to the Giant to get wet kitty food. I'd noticed they'd put in a lot of the cans we use when I was there on Friday and when I got into the aisle, I knew why. They increased the price from 3/$1.00 to $.35. Not a big deal, but all the older cans had the older price in the stripey thingie.

I took all there was -- nineteen -- and was able to convince the checker to try the multiple checkout for those cans. The ones who I haven't convinced will just say it can't be done and then put one of the cans across the reader nineteen times. The ones who will try are always surprised. It's a lot easier to put in 19 and then put one of the cans across the scanner.

Remember my recent post about the Virginia Republican Congressman who thinks we should be protected from microchips? A letter to the editor yesterday had a great comment saying that if he said for this bill that we should each have the right to control our own body, he should think the same when he gets the bill about abortion and pregnant women.

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Date:February 15th, 2010 06:23 pm (UTC)

roadside snow

I've noticed that here in Massachusetts the roadside snow and ice piles often melt on the bottom more than on the exposed surfaces. My guess is that this is due to a combination of the dark pavement warming up and conducting heat under the piles and warm air rising from the sewers through the storm drains. Looking at the base of the snow pile on the road, one can often see a gap between ice and pavement.

The snow piles also consolidate more than they melt at first, so they might be imperceptibly smaller than they were the day before.
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Date:February 15th, 2010 08:14 pm (UTC)

Re: roadside snow

Yes, I noticed there were little gaps at the bottom, but not enough to make it easier to see around the snow mountains when you want to turn. We probably don't have as many storm drains as somewhere that gets more rain and snow. Back when I consulted, I once spent a week at a town that didn't have drains at all because they never had rain... except when I got there. I ruined a pair of suede shoes by walking through water just sitting on the streets.

Today's snow started about 1:45pm and is just now sticking to everything. A lot more melted this morning than yesterday.
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