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Out of the House

I was really tired and had a lot of odd pain when I woke up, probably from helping as much as I could getting the snow off the van yesterday. But I figured I'd do the non-grocery errands and then re-evaluate. I took Mindhunter back to the library and picked up two books I was supposed to pick up by Wednesday. The people in the library are letting everybody pick up two days after the due date because they were closed for two days. The computer is saying the next person on the list gets the book. She had a piece of paper with some commands to override the computer.

I mailed two packages, a check for a calendar from the Red River Zoo, and a DVD. I looked at my list carefully and decided I could handle it. When I got there, I found a good spot even though there were snow mountains covering the handicapped spots closest to the curbcut. I was going along, getting what was on my list, when I got to bread and the shelves were almost empty. The funny part is that it was all some form of whole grain bread left and that's what I buy, so I just got a different brand than usual. I didn't bother going back to check the milk and TP aisles.

When there's snow or some kind of emergency, the news programs run a crawl of places that are closed along the bottom of the screen. Here's one that caught my eye:

Emery Fears Boys Academy

ETA I meant to include this: Spirit and I slept in the recliner from 7pm - 9pm (I was really exhausted) and when I turned the alarm off, I told her we were getting up. She stuck her head out, blinked, and stuck her head back in. So we slept another 30 minutes.
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