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Not My Day

I hurt, my nose is running, and I'm nauseated. I haven't seen anybody in a long time, so it's probably not flu or anything.

We only had about an inch of snow last night, but National finally had enough that this winter is now the one with the most snow in history. I went out thinking I'd start the van up and try to get some of the snow off, but the wind was very hard and smacked hard snow into my face. We're supposed to have just above freezing temps during the next four days, plus the next two are supposed to be sunny, but Monday is scheduled for 2-4" of snow. I'll try to clear the van off the next couple of days. I do have a couple things I'd like to do.

I put Spirit's new triangular litterbox on the shelf under the triangular end table and pointed at it and kept saying "litterbox"! It's fairly tall with a lowered lip and I was able to position that not only so she can step into it from the rectangular end table, but so the big cats can't get in. When she was ready, she never even yelled at me, she just stepped in, used it, and stepped out.
Tags: cats, health, snow, weather

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